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Tom Tailor // new collection of basic clothes

Tom Tailor // new collection of basic clothes

Tom Tailor represents a new collection of basic clothes which perfectly will be suitable for creation of qualitative daily clothes in cold season.

Basic t-shirts from cotton of classical white, gray and black colors, thin woolen a jumper and a polo-neck with cashmere and also incredibly soft make look slender with a hood will help to create a sure daily image which can be added with bright accessories, the flying dresses or fashionable sneakers.

The business version of a small black dress, appropriate, as we know, in any situation is represented in a female collection. And for men in TOM TAILOR — the excellent choice of knitted polo-necks and jumpers of wine, grass, saturated blue and gray shades.

Starting date: 04.10.2018
Ending date: 04.11.2018


Tom Tailor

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